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HOT 100 BRAND CHAMPIONS: Claudia Ferro & Giuseppe Ferro, founders and directors, Argento Fine Products


In our professional lives there are often small moments of success that make us feel like we’ve really arrived. For Giuseppe and Claudia Ferro it was earlier this year when luxury goods retailer William & Son, silversmith and goldsmith of choice to HM Queen Elizabeth II, chose to take on one of their brands for the opening of its new store on London’s exclusive Bruton Street.

“We were very happy to report a strong growth with all our brands last year, however William & Son taking on Frederique Constant was probably the cherry on the cake,” says Claudia. “William Asprey and his team are extremely knowledgeable and discerning about what they offer their clientele, therefore, for us, their decision was a vote of confidence in our products and strategy.”

As well as Frederique Constant, Argento also distribute Dietrich, Alpina and Giuliano Mazzuoli watches in the UK and have been busy promoting these brands through social media as well as all the traditional channels. But while they are willing to embrace the world of 140-character marketing – “it is no secret that social media and the internet are playing a bigger role in marketing than ever before” – they also firmly believe that real relationships are what have led them to celebrate 25 years in business this year.

“Despite the short-term vision of most business people nowadays, we still strive to build a mid- to long-term success story by consistently working closely and fairly with both our suppliers and customers,” says Giuseppe.

While combining a marriage and a working relationship can keep work at the forefront of their minds, this couple do still make time for each other and for new hobbies, which at the moment includes “erasing work’s scars” from their minds with a spot of rock climbing.

Image: Kalory.co.uk



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