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HOT 100 2014:Ariel, Joseph & Dino, Frost of London


The three founders of Frost of London have a symbiotic relationship; each brings something unique to the partnership. But what unites them, and the vivacious team they have built around them, is a sense of dynamism.

A young staff has been a conscious choice and, in an industry that often favours heritage and experience over the effervescence of youth, they have managed to bring an energetic retail offering to London’s Bond Street that attracts some of the planet’s wealthiest and most stylish high fliers, as well as a famous face or two.

When asked what the pinnacle of the past year has been for them, the guys laugh and joke that it is “still being here”. But while the economy might still be throwing curve balls to purveyors of luxury goods, the past year has been a strong one with new brands, including Roger Dubuis, joining the ranks and a very exciting store refit in the pipeline.


“The past year is pivotal because we have built a more solid foundation and stability for the company and it is the best it has ever been,” says Joseph. “More importantly the recent brands we have acquired we have been able to strategically cherry pick and we feel it presents a much better and bigger impact.”

The refit of the boutique five years after opening is another major milestone for the business. “Creating the plans for our new boutique refit has been a challenge but without question it will be worth it when we unveil the uber luxurious space,” says Dino.

The team has also created a magazine, Oracle, that brings the Frost of London brand and its watches (plus jewels, cars, attire and other objects of desire selected by the team) straight to the homes of their clients.

For these three playboys work and pleasure often go hand-in-hand, and a unanimous high for Dino, Joseph and Ariel was taking the whole team to Las Vegas to watch their good friend the boxer Amir Khan, who this year hosted a signing at the Frost of London store, fight Luis Collazo. It was a landslide victory for Khan, and a moment that the team will no doubt remember for a long time.

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