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HOT 100 2014: Venetia Sheppard & Terry Andrews


Venetia Sheppard and Terry Andrews, PR and marketing manager, MGS Distribution and brand manager, Boss Watches.

The creation of MGSPR.com has given a public face to one of the UK’s most successful full-service watch distributors. Behind that launch, and the multi-media promotion of nine separate MGS brands is Venetia Sheppard, the company’s PR and marketing manager.

It has been a frenetic year for Venetia as each watch brand required a completely bespoke and individually tailored approach. The initial programme put each brand online, and this is now being augmented with social media activity across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


The lead brand on the development has been Hugo Boss, headed by Terry Andrews. “In a year full of transition for MGS distribution the Hugo Boss team have been instrumental in trialling system upgrades and were able to supply vital feedback before the upgrades were successfully rolled out to the other brands under the MGS umbrella,” he explains.

“It has been really exciting to head-up and be at the forefront of the strategy to bring our PR, marketing and advertising in-house. With nine brands – this was a huge challenge which I wouldn’t have missed for the world,” Venetia says.

The only time she grabbed away from work was for an unmissable trip to the French Riviera to support her sister as Maid of Honour at her wedding. “To date, this was the craziest, best day and night of my life. I was the first to arrive at the church and last to leave the beach club – I think I drank enough champagne to sink a battle ship,” she admits.

Terry has also been on his travels: “I did a 2,000 mile road trip with my wife through Spain and France on my motorbike, which was just amazing. We are planning to head out to Guatemala on the bike when our youngest has finished her further education,” he announces.

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