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HOT 100 2014, Tim Gould, Casio UK


For Tim Gould the past year has featured fast cars and daring ski races down the perilous slopes of southern Chile, and that’s just his day job.

As head of marketing for Casio’s best-performing subsidiary, Tim believes he has built around him “a quite exceptional marketing team”. A high for this crack band of marketeers was the launch of a cinema ad campaign for G-Shock featuring the RAF Ski Team.

“We created a spectacular short film on the beautiful slopes of southern Chile, which in itself was an experience to be a part of, and the results of which I am very proud,” beams Tim, who also lists Edifice’s sponsorship of motoring TV shows on Discovery as “wielding outstanding results”.


Overall, customer engagement with Casio’s brands in the UK is up, which Tim and his team are happy about as more sales means bigger budgets for future marketing spectacles.

“Casio has seen growth in its Timepiece business every year since I became head of marketing,” says Tim. “We have big aspirations for our business in the coming years, and I am delighted to have been able to assemble a group of smart, hard-working and ambitious professionals who are hungry to help us achieve them.”

Tim adds that the team is “right on track towards our long-term goals”, and personally he is moving forward with his own personal goals thanks to Casio’s musical division. “I recently took home our latest Privia Pro stage piano and managed to pull myself away from work for long enough to start playing with a small group of very accomplished musicians,” he says. “Music is a gift I am privileged to have had bestowed on me by my father, who is still playing at 77 and who I aspire to be half as good as him. It is good for the soul.”

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