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HOT 100 2014: Rebecca and Craig Struthers


How to describe husband and wife business owners Rebecca and Craig Struthers? Historians? Horologists? Artists? Antiquarians?

All of the above apply to a pair who are among the most innovative watchmakers in the world today; and they are British through-and-through.

Rebecca and Craig didn’t set out to create a watch brand. Both studied jewellery design before discovering a love of mechanical watches, and developing a passion for restoring antique timepieces. This passion turned into a business with the creation of Struthers London, where they have developed a watch restoration operation into a watch creation house.


Their first timepiece, the Stella watch pendant, won a prestigious design award. This caught the attention of British classic car company Morgan, which worked with the company to create the Struthers for Morgan wristwatch. “Going from specialist vintage and antique watch restorers to designing, building and selling our own high-value watches in less than 12 months has by far been our greatest achievement,” says Rebecca.

Struthers London is now talked about in Geneva as well as London, and doors are opening to the pair who are fast becoming ambassadors for classic British craftsmanship and art. “The past year has shown that there is still a demand to apply traditional craft in the 21st century to create new products, and now we’ve got people’s attention we’re looking forward to showing what we’re really made of,” Rebecca enthuses.

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