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HOT 100 2014: Nick Edgley, NE media world


Nick Edgley has survived almost 30 years in the dog-eat-dog world of international media sales including director-level positions at the Daily Telegraph, Associated Newspapers (home of the Daily Mail) and Press Holdings Media Group (best known for The Spectator).

In the course of that career, he met and made friends with some of the most powerful watch executives in the world; a Little Black Book of relationships that he works today for his own company, NEmedia World.

It was no surprise therefore that when Revolution magazine, the most prestigious watch magazine on the planet, wanted to launch in the UK, it was the phone on Nick’s desk that rang first. “We only had two-and-half months to launch Revolution’s first issue in March 2014,” he recalls. “But it has been incredibly well-received.”
Few industries value long-term relationships like the watch community, and Nick believes the patience he has learnt pursuing his passion for fishing has helped him in his business pursuits. “I play the long-term game not the short term game which is in keeping with the watch manufacturers themselves,” he says.


As well as landing Revolution this year, Nick says his greatest catch was in September last year, when he married wife Isobel. “Getting and catching my biggest fish ever has given me the greatest pride and enjoyment outside of work in the past year,” he concludes.

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