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HOT 100 2014: Matthew Lefevre, Maurice Lacroix


Maurice Lacroix has bounced back this year from one of the toughest periods in the brand’s relatively short history, and earning a place back at Selfridges in London is a key signal that the company’s turnaround strategy is working.

“Everyone at Maurice Lacroix has been working so hard over the last few years to really change the look of the brand, we had some very tough times with a confusing collection in the middle of one of the most challenging economic climates in recent years,” admits the company’s UK & Ireland sales and marketing director.

“Keeping customers and getting new retailers on board has been a real task. We spent a lot of time last year working with our partners, helping them to tidy their ranges, trying to get rid of the old stock and bringing in the new, but thankfully those who stuck by us and believed in the new direction are really starting to see great results. We have changed almost everything from the products, advertising and display, right down to the packaging,” he adds.


“The foundations for a new chapter in the story of Maurice Lacroix are now there so it is time to build our distribution. We need to show as many people as possible that we have changed and it is time for them to take another look at this great independent manufacturing brand,” Matthew concludes.

Business may have been brutal, but Matthew never lacked support from his girlfriend, who last year gave birth to their first child. The couple married later in 2013.

With the upturn for Maurice Lacroix already underway, Matthew says he has to balance his home and work commitments. “The key things for this year are to keep pushing the steady growth we have seen over the last 8 months and to increase our distribution and brand awareness. Personally it is to try and make as much time as possible to be with my family and not miss out on my son growing up.”

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