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HOT 100 2014: Matthew Humphries, MHDW


The responsibility for the chief designer of Morgan Motor Company is to distil over a century of prestigious automotive history into every curve and angle of a car. It is a responsibility that MHD owner Matthew Humphries relishes, and one that he also brings to the world of watches.

Much of Mathew Humphries Design’s work with brands cannot be publicised, but Matthew has broken cover on the design house’s work on the current collection of Lonville, a Swiss watch company with 141 years of history that was resurrected only in 2009 after a 50 year hiatus. “I am most proud to see the final finished designs and prototypes for the new G24 Lonville watch. It’s been a project very close to my heart and a joy to design a product with so much complexity and detail,” he enthuses.

Even more significant is the creation of an eponymous watch brand. Matthew Humphries Design watches has been brought to life by Matthew and his partner Penelope Jordan, and the pair hope to develop it into a significant business and brand.


The blurred line between business and pleasure for Matthew is almost invisible, particularly in relation to cars. “I’m a fanatical petrol head and this year I was fortunate enough to compete with my father in the Hero Winter Challenge classic rally from Warwickshire to Monaco in a 1970 2.2 Porsche 911,” he remembers.

The coming year will be all about taking his passions for watches and cars, and turning them into flourishing business. “My goals are to develop my design consultancy, help build the range of Lonville watches and also push to develop Matthew Humphries Design watches,” he says.

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