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HOT 100 2014: Mark Robinson, Citizen UK


Citizen is one of the leading watch brands on the UK high street, but Mark Robinson prefers not to think about that. He’d rather have the energy and enthusiasm of a brand doing less well in order to keep a competitive edge.

“It is important we challenge ourselves not to maintain this position but to grow and develop,” says Mark. “We have ambitions and aspirations, and Basel this year was the launch of a new phase in the brand’s development. Extensive planning for nearly a year was brought to life in Basel with a resounding success.”

Mark has built a strong team around him that he describes as essential to delivering the record results that he presented the board with in 2013. “This is not down to one individual but a result of the team’s achievement. We have a great team at Citizen, without which I have no doubt we would not be in the position we are today.”

Mark believes in a work-hard-play-hard motto for both himself and his staff, and an intense day is often ended with a relaxed beer and plenty of laughter.The challenge of maintaining Citizen’s market-leading position will continue to be intense, with an increased focus on social media and women’s watches planned, as well as “one of most exciting and comprehensive product, marketing and merchandising plans in the company’s history”.

But if Mark’s energy levels ever start to dip he can always look to his four-year-old son Max for inspiration – a “live wire, super-sized sponge that soaks up everything, never misses a trick and has a zest and energy for life”.



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