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HOT 100 2014: Lynn Schroeder, Wempe


A landmark birthday in 2013 for Wempe’s UK managing director Lynn Schroeder is still being talked about a year on, she reveals. We are not told which birthday it was (WatchPro’s inner gentleman would never ask), but it was obviously worth a major celebration.

It has been a year to celebrate for the German luxury watch brand’s UK retail operation as well. The vast Wempe boutique on Bond Street sells a host of luxury brands alongside its own, including Glashütte Original, for which it is the sole UK stockist.

The message appears to be getting across with stronger recognition from consumers, thanks to the efforts of Lynn’s focused team. “In the last 12 months we have seen steady growth and this can only consolidate our position in the UK market.


“After several years we now have an established watch service in-house with a reputation, not only with our customers, but within the industry. As a foreign company in the UK, it has become apparent that we have become better known in the local market in the past year,” she suggests.

The Wempe team is also expanding, and bringing fresh blood into the business via an apprentice scheme that trains young people in the art and science of luxury watch sales and service. “I am delighted to have realised my goal of establishing an apprenticeship scheme for young British men and women, which has proved a great success,” Lynn enthuses.

The year ahead will be a continuation of Wempe’s upward trajectory, Lynn predicts. Her plan is: “To build on our reputation in the UK market and to have more people recognise the Wempe brand.”


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