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HOT 100 2014: Larissa Trew, Eves Watch


Women’s watches can often be overlooked, but Larissa Trew sees this as a wrong she is hoping to right with the launch of Eve’s Watch, an online magazine dedicated solely to timepieces for the fairer sex.

Launching a new magazine is a risky, not to mention expensive, business, but this is not Larissa’s first entrepreneurial rodeo. In 1997 she set up Trew Relations, a PR agency she sold 10 years later, and then went on to set up new agency Believe Eve in 2007 (not to mention the small task of having two daughters along the way).

It was through the development of Believe Eve that Larissa’s love affair with watches began. After picking up watch clients that have included Mondaine, Citizen and Buddha to Buddha, the PR guru got the idea of switching sides, as we journalists like to term it, and so Eve’s Watch was born.


“Having ideas is one thing, actually developing complex business plans, recruiting talent and putting your reputation on the line is quite another,” reflects Larissa, who credits her sister Jane Trew as being a massive contributing force to the launch. “The watch industry is on catch up when it comes to its digital presence, but we feel our launch is perfectly timed to support the growing interest in women’s watches and the bravery of watch brands to experiment online.”

As well as “globally exciting and educating” women about watches through Eve’s Watch, Larissa is also aiming to empower women working within the industry with her newly launched Women in Watches luncheons.

Right now Eve’s Watch is at the beginning of its journey and it still has a lot to prove, but Larissa is a firm believer that “women rule the world” and with her vivacity, enthusiasm and impressive track record, it’s impossible to imagine her achieving anything but success.

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