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HOT 100 2014: Justine Carmody, Asprey


It takes commitment, talent and dedication to rise to the top of any discipline. Few people achieve it once. Justine Carmody has managed it twice.

The category manager for jewellery and watches at Asprey has helped the luxury goods house maintain its reputation as a revered destination for watch lovers this year.

Plus, she has made it all the way to the Royal Albert Hall as part of a choir performing Mozart’s Requiem.


Outside of the world’s great concert halls, Justine is particularly proud of Asprey’s current partnership with legendary clockmaker Comitti. It is a partnership that fits perfectly with the store’s commitment to the finest British craftsmanship.

Asprey also hosted Breguet with a pop up store this year, because the watch brand’s Bond Street store was being refurbished. “It seemed perfect to house a truly great historic watch brand at Asprey given our heritage and it was a really good partnership,” she says.

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