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HOT 100 2014: Helen Wood Fossil Group


The glint of a rose gold watch adorning a fashionable female wrist is seen so frequently today, you would think that every woman in the country has bought her own Michael Kors timepiece

It is a great time, then, to be at the helm of Fossil Group, the parent organisation for the American fashion label’s watches.

Helen doesn’t mention Michael Kors by name when we chat about her successes this year, but every watch professional knows it has been instrumental in the group’s success. “GFK data tells us that we’ve increased our market share within the price bracket in which we play, gaining 5% points over the last 12 months. We continue to deliver results that outperform the industry growth,” she says.


It is clear Helen doesn’t want one part of the Fossil family to be favoured over any others, and puts the group’s overall success down to a team ethic and effort. “We’ve created a strategy that has included input from every employee. As a newly formed senior management team within Fossil Group we all recognise that for us to drive the business from strength to strength we need the support, expertise and insights of each other,” she adds.

That team ethic starts at home. Since moving to Fossil two years ago Helen says she has enjoyed a better work-life balance. “My greatest pride and enjoyment will always come from my family; my husband and my son, I now work much closer to home which allows me to be the wife and mother I’ve wanted to be. Standing on the side lines at various sports matches, sharing the magical moments of school concerts… and of course the pleasure that always comes (and is so appreciated) from helping with homework, revision and music practice. They’re all magical moments that money can’t buy and that make us the person we are” she concludes.

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