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HOT 100 2014: Craig Rebuck WatchWarehouse


Craig Rebuck is a seriously pragmatic guy. When it comes to the challenges of retail, he’s definitely the type to marry a problem with a solution rather than merely gesticulate on the problem itself. It’s an attribute that he wishes more people in the UK watch industry had, and one that has won him some serious business successes in the past year.

At WatchPro we had first-hand experience of Craig’s no-nonsense approach to getting things done when he joined us as guest editor of our January issue, which he dedicated to all things digital. And we have to say, we like his style.

WatchWarehouse started out as a purely online venture, but the addition of a bricks-and-mortar store in Watford’s Intu mall and a series of concessions at 13 hotels, including the Hilton and Sheraton on London’s Park Lane as well as the iconic The Landmark London, it is now very much a multichannel retailer.


“Building the company’s platform using best-in-class technology and integrating this within our structure has been the culmination of creating the first multichannel watch retailer in the UK,” says Craig. “That our business has a UK-wide reach enabling us to deliver a watch to any consumer, or allowing them to collect within 15 minutes of their home, is a remarkable feat. This platform now enables us to build on our success. Our new retail operation is a game changer in offering the consumer a point of difference in their shopping experience.”

But Craig is keen not to hog all the credit. “The importance of building and developing a business is always down to the people; their hard work, heartache and long hours is always a testament to success.”

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