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HOT 100 2014: Anish Bhatt, WatchAnish


The ease of web publishing tools has led to everyone and their dog running a blog, and the glamorous, addictive world of watches has attracted its fair share of fan pages; some fantastic, others not so much. The WatchAnish blog, run by Anish Bhatt, firmly belongs to the former category.

Anish is reaching out to a new generation of watch fans with an instant flow of information, images and inspiration through its blog and social media feeds. Today’s luxury shoppers are visual, fast-moving and Anish is feeding them just what they crave.

“I believe there is a completely new thought process in the mind of today’s watch buyer, and the way they find news has evolved from traditional magazines from a few years ago to instantaneous and continuously available content via digital platforms,” he observes.
The power of WatchAnish is immense. Its Instagram feed is just a few clicks shy of 600,000 followers – a readership most mainstream magazines would kill for (to provide some context, British GQ has just 54,000 Instagram followers).


“It has accelerated much quicker than I imagined, and the three-year goal I set has been accomplished after 18 months,” says Anish. “The key now is to keep evolving and growing whist always increasing the quality of what we do.”

Now that WatchAnish is established in London, its time to take the brand global. It has recently extended its reach, and its team, to New York, China and Russia, and has a presence in Geneva, Dubai, Istanbul and Stockholm.

The world is most definitely Anish’s oyster, and no doubt he’ll continue farming the best that the luxury world has to offer, keeping his legion of dedicated followers hungry for more.

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