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Hot 100 2014: Angus Jenkins, DM London


Less is more for DM London’s digital supremo Angus Jenkins. In the constantly changing world of online watch sales, he has experimented with myriad systems and strategies before refining them into the Watch Gallery and Watch Hut that the public sees today.

“Fewer things, more effectively done, is my current mantra,” he states. “Over the past four years we’ve done a bit of everything as we’ve tested how to push forward in e-commerce. As our knowledge and experience has increased, we’ve been able to carve out specialist roles to support that activity. We continue to explore new digital avenues; technologies etc. but doing fewer things, really well is far more effective than trying a bit of everything,” he adds.

When Angus started on his digital journey with DM London, it was almost unthinkable that customers would purchase £15,000 watches online. Now it is happening with Watch Gallery, although customers will more often research online, and perhaps Click and Collect in store. Also, thanks to an agreement with Houlden Group retailers at the end of last year, customers can buy online, and collect their watches at a Houlden-member store in most major cities of the UK.


“Online contributes a sizeable chunk of DM London’s total business. This didn’t exist just a few years ago. As research-online, purchase-offline becomes the standard mode of operating for luxury consumers, a strong web presence for The Watch Gallery is fundamental in driving our retail business forward,” Angus says.

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