HOT 100 2013: Jak & Daniel Ozel, Unique Jewelry


This sibling duo only really moved in to watches over the last two years, prior to which they were only known for jewellery. Now Jak and Daniel Ozel have brought Festina, Candino and Lotus to the UK market.

Working on flat comparatives the growth naturally looks good (year two showing 120% on top of year one’s 100% hike) but it’s all actually going so well that as the pair prepare to bring new brands here they are mulling the creation of separate watch and jewellery divisions.

They are already building on their pledge to support retailers by making their brands better known to end consumers, and have embarked on advertising campaigns in Men’s Health – the UK’s highest selling men’s monthly – and with TV advertising on Eurosport during the Tour de France, for which Festina is official timekeeper, underlining its Continental fame, something the Ozels are hoping to replicate here.

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The brothers, who were raised in Germany, know the Continental market well, spotting that there are abut 30% fewer watch brands on the UK scene, and they say that means it is ripe for more brands and more newness.

Daniel remains circumspect, noting that while the industry needs a shake-up, that the economy will remain challenging and there is the threat of the phone watch, rumoured to be on the way from electronics giant Apple.

It is a typically considered stance from Daniel. These brothers are a complementary coupling, Daniel playing the quiet considered yin to Jak’s more boisterous, risk-taking yang. They wouldn’t have it any other way.

Jak says: “Daniel has known the watch industry for 20 years so he has a great know how. He is always dedicated, a good networker and organiser, he plans way ahead and tries to be one step ahead of competitors.”

Daniel returns the compliment: “Jak and I are quite different even though we are brothers. He is hands on and starts working and tackling tasks quickly. I like to think and plan things first before acting. He is very good with numbers and delegating the daily operational business.”

With their skills and personalities dovetailing so remarkably neatly they have all the bases covered.

Jak and Daniel Ozel, Unique Jewelry, were selected as London Watch Show Power Players in the WatchPro Hot 100 2013 in association with The Company of Master Jewellers. To read a digital version of the book in full online, click here.

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