Horologium’s new commercial space opens door to service expansion


Horologium, a UK-based watch service centre dedicated to providing after-sales service for independent brands, has moved into its first commercial space.

Located at The Old Mill in Pangbourne, Raphael Pfund, co-founder and watchmaker, explained how it could help Horologium expand its already long list of services.

In a post to LinkedIn, the brand explained: “While it was a lot of work bringing the space up to a standard fit for watchmaking, it was incredibly rewarding. This new space allows us to further expand the services we offer, such as pre-sales services for watch brands, like Quality Control and assembly services.”


Adding: “We also now have the ability to let customers drop-off their watch which is an addition to our mail-in service. We are now ready for what lies ahead.”

Pfund recently caught up with WatchPro as part of a Quickfire Q&A, and explained how the services the business offers have always been expanding.

He said: “Since we started, the scope of our services has actually widened quite a bit. While we started with After Sales Services for independent brands, we are now also working with UK based brands such as Studio Underd0g on their pre-sales efforts to provide quality control services and even assembly on their future products. We are also working with Tom Clemence to provide the assembly for his debut model he’ll be launching this summer on Kickstarter.”

Adding: “We recently starting working on an online shop where we will offer a selection of independent watches from around the world, accessories, as well as pre-owned watches. We plan on launching our shop in August or September this year.”

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