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Horological Society of New York hopes to inspire children’s love of timekeeping at Manhattan exhibition


The Horological Society of New York (HSNY) is working with American watchmaker Bulova to promote the importance of watches, clocks and timekeeping to children.

An event titled It’s About Time at the Children’s Museum of Manhattan opened on November 4 and promises to help youngsters explore the art and science of horology.

“Time is an abstract concept, especially for young audiences who have a limited awareness of past, present and future,” says Andrew Ackerman, Laurie M. Tisch Executive Director, Children’s Museum of Manhattan. “This installation helps introduce the basic idea of time and the ways we measure it.”


“In our digital age, many children have trouble reading traditional clock faces,” adds the museum’s Andrew Ackerman. “In It’s About Time, children will be able to manipulate the hands of a clock face and gears, while learning about seconds, minutes and hours.”



Edwin Hydeman, executive director of the Horological Society of New York, hopes the event will spark interest in watchmaking for a new generation more associated with staring at smartphone screens. “For 152 years, the Horological Society of New York has helped pave the way for watchmakers and enthusiast. This display hopes to explain the mysteries of horology and makes them accessible and enjoyable for visitors of all ages and allows us to keep our century-old traditions alive,” he says.

Michele Lupton, vice president of Marketing, Bulova, adds: “Since 1875, Bulova has been sharing our innovations in timekeeping with the world. It is a pleasure to work with the museum to help children explore and understand time and the way clocks and watches work.”

The installation features:

  • Time in a Day — An interactive magnetic sign that helps children understand the number of hours in a day, as well as the cycle of daytime and nighttime. Using magnets or their fingers, families can mark significant activities with their associated times throughout the day
  • Counting Time — Children can practice telling time by manipulating three clocks with moving hands
  • It’s Your Time — This large graphic allows children to “be” the clock, inserting their face in a cut-out and using their arms as the “hands” of this oversized clock
  • Watches & Clocks — Check out a watch disassembled into pieces to reveal its inner workings, along with its design drawings
  • Moveable Gears — Children can turn a dial and experiment with how gears work together and move at different speeds
  • Horology Tools — A display showcasing a collection of tools that are specific to a horologist
  • Horology Videos — Watch a renowned horologist at work and the inner workings of watches


Discover Bulova:

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  1. Congratulations to the Horlogogical Society of New York and Bulova, from a retired Swiss old-timer with over 40 years in the Swiss watch business.


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