Hoptroff presents never-to-be-forgotten watch


Richard Hoptroff’s latest technologically imbued watch promises to guard the absent-minded against ever forgetting those important dates.

The Hoptroff No. 14, launched today, issues a 10-day countdown to any important dates such as birthdays and anniversaries saved in the Hoptroff smartphone app, giving the wearer enough time to book a restaurant or order flowers.

The countdown is displayed via a 10-day sub register on the dial.


Hoptroff said: "We make traditional-looking, mechanical timepieces. But we add technology to make it personal. It really makes the difference when it’s about you and your lifestyle – the timepiece becomes a treasure you want to live with forever. In this case, it’s a very simple solution. You set up the birthdays from your smartphone. But after that, the timepiece works completely on its own, with elegance and endurance."

The Hoptroff No.14 is available in yellow and rose gold for £12,000+VAT and in steel for £4,000+VAT. A lower cost version in the company’s Hotblack Sports styling is expected later this year.

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