Hodinkee teams up with John Mayer on new G-Shock following $40m funding round


Following the $40m funding round which valued Hodinkee at $100m last week, it has released the Casio G-SHOCK Ref 6900 by John Mayer.

Done in collaboration with the seven-time Grammy Award-winning artist, the G-SHOCK Ref 6900 by John Mayer was designed by the man himself who was also a part of the investment.

This limited edition is inspired by the Casiotone SK-5 sampling keyboard that Mayer played as growing up in Fairfield, CT.

The Casiotone SK-5 was instrumental in Mayer’s musical education and acts as the design catalyst for this timepiece.

The Ref 6900 is one of the most iconic Casio G-SHOCK timepieces currently in production.

First launched in 1995, it is revered as the reference that put G-SHOCK on the fashion and streetwear map.

For 25 years, the G-SHOCK Ref 6900 has demonstrated its unique ability to position itself at the intersection of culture and creativity, garnering positive reception across demographics. As such, this made the Ref 6900 the ideal timepiece for Mayer, HODINKEE, and Casio to work on together.

Commenting, Mayer said: “When Casio approached me about the possibility of working together on a G-SHOCK, it actually timed out really well.

“I had already been pretty deep into wearing the ‘Mudmaster’ models, and something felt cosmically right about a G-SHOCK being the first watch collab I’ve ever done. Casio keyboards came to mind as much as the watches did. Then I remembered how important the Casiotone SK-5 was in my life, and it got exciting really fast. It’s the perfect bridge between my double life as a musician and a watch enthusiast.”

Launching today at 11:00 AM EST, the limited edition Casio G-SHOCK Ref 6900 by John Mayer is available for purchase for $180 at shop.hodinkee.com, gshock.com, G-SHOCK Soho, and select G-SHOCK retailers.

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