Hodinkee integrates upgraded pre-owned offer into its shop


Hodinkee has gone public on a major upgrade to its shop site with improved layout, design, descriptions and photography for its pre-owned watch selection.

Hodinkee bought Crown & Caliber at the beginning of this year for an undisclosed sum.

At the time, Hodinkee had only a handful of pre-owned watches for sale from its shop.


Today it has close to 250, with Rolex accounting for around one third of the stock.

Crown & Caliber continues to trade under its own name and currently has over 2,500 watches for sale.

The pre-owned area of Hodinkee has a look and style more in line with the editorial part of the site with high quality imagery and descriptions of each watch that read less like a sales pitch or tech spec and more like they were written by a journalist.

“Hodinkee aims to be the go to resource for every consumer’s journey with watches, and pre-owned is our next step in doing that,” says CEO Toby Bateman.

“Our Pre-Owned experience is designed to be thoughtful, functional, and transparent. We want our customers to know exactly what they are getting in a Pre-Owned timepiece; that it is authentic, performance-tested, and cleaned and polished without removing the watch’s natural characteristics. Then, it’s up to them to write the next chapter in that watch’s life.”

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