Hodinkee expects sales for 2020 to be up over 20% this year despite pandemic


Hodinkee expects sales to rise 20-30% this calendar year, despite the economic damage inflicted by the covid quarter and its long shadow.

Eneuri Acosta, chief operating officer for Hodinkee, says that its ecommerce business had already grown this year, and is expecting a spike in activity over the holiday season.

“We have seen growth in traffic, growth in the number of brands we stock from around 12-14 at the beginning of the year to more than 25 today,” he reveals.


“We could see a two to three month sprint for the remainder of 2020,” he adds in reference to the pent up demand caused by the freedoms curtailed by the pandemic.

Speaking to WatchPro from his home office — the majority of Hodinkee’s 55 employees make only essential trips into the office — Mr Acosta said that the strategic goals of the company remain unaltered by this year’s crisis, but some business objectives, such as the opening of a physical space where its community could meet, talk watches and shop, have been delayed.

“That has been pushed back,” he confirmed.

Mr Acosta has been central to the launch of a specialist insurance product for watch collectors (pictured top), and describes its benefits in our full interview that will be published in November.

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