Historic watchmaker DuBois et fils embraces a future tracked by blockchain

DuBois & Fils was founded in 1785 in Le Locle.

There are few watchmakers with longer histories than DuBois et Fils, which can trace its ancestry back to 1785 and claims to operate from the oldest watch factory in Switzerland.

The company is linking that history to a very modern future by protecting each of its new watches with an unalterable record on a blockchain.

Du Bois et fils founded a subsidiary, SwissValueChain GmbH in January to develop and run the project. Using blockchain-based records mean that each watch will have its history and provenance indelibly recorded.


This should build reassurance for owners, the company’s CEO Thomas Steinemann says.

“Through transparent participation we want to generate trust and enthusiasm for what we do,” he suggests.

DuBois has an interesting ownership model, with more than 1,000 shareholders in 31 countries.

These shareholders could also have their assets protected by blockchain in the future.

“Tokenizing our share capital is therefore one of the topics to be realized on the blockchain in the future. Other exciting projects are already in the implementation phase,” says Mr Steinemann.

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