Hing Wa Lee chairman offers mentoring for budding business leaders


Hing Wa Lee chairman David Lee is offering mentoring and networking opportunities to entrepreneurs running companies in their early stages right up to leaders running businesses with turnover in the tens of millions.

Mr Lee is known not just for his vast luxury watch emporiums in San Gabriel and Walnut, southern California, but also as one of the country’s most prolific Ferrari collectors.

Introducing the concept he has called Titan Inner Circle Mastermind, he proposes: “I scaled my jewelry business to eight figures a year. Want me to help you scale your business?”


This is what success looks like, and David Lee wants to share his secrets.

The program covers wealth and income strategies as well as what Mr Lee calls lifestyle design.

The seven week process runs over seven weeks and offers one on one mentorship, in-depth training, weekly live zoom calls and private telegram group chats.

There will also be networking opportunities with like minded entrepreneurs.

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