Hing Wa Lee celebrates 55th anniversary at Chinese New Year


Hing Wa Lee Jewelers chief executive David Lee thanked his entire team this week with a gala dinner to mark the company’s 55 years in business.

The timing could not have been better for the luxury jeweler, which specializes in serving the Chinese community in California, because they were also celebrating ahead of Saturday’s Chinese New Year.

“To start the new year, to wish prosperity, good health and happiness and celebrate our 55 years, we brought together about 100 people, primarily my staff from my Hing Wa Lee Jewelers  I just wanted to thank them and show appreciation for their hard work,” Mr Lee tells WatchPro.


“A lot of Americans have a year-end Christmas party. Our big party is at the Chinese New Year,” he adds.

A number of awards were given to staff for outstanding performances in 2019, while others were recognized for reaching milestones like working for the company for 25 or 30 years.

Following a number of performances by traditional Chinese entertainers, the night ended in true Chinese style with karaoke singing and dancing.



THE BIG INTERVIEW: Hanging with Hing Wa Lee’s David Lee

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