HIGHLY COMMENDED: WatchPro’s Watches to Watch, Harcourt Watches The Royal T

designer watch product photography for Harcourt Watches by Mark Colliton Photography Shoreditch London UK more information at www.markcolliton.com

Did you hear the one about a racing driver, a stockbroker and a sports agent who wanted to launch a watch brand?

Well, it actually happened earlier this year when a boozy evening among friends led to the creation of Harcourt London, a watch company from people who know nothing about watches.

The Royal T, named after the family home of one of the founders, is our favourite model of a collection that focuses on clean and simple watch faces in thin cases with the Harcourt name etched into the side.


The gold hands, and hour markers give the black on black design an opulent feel.

The golden H at 12 o’clock could become a design touch that the brand repeats across future collections.

Most Harcourt watches retail for around £130 from its own website.

They are described as unisex and come in 36mm and 40mm versions. There are no current plans to move into wholesale, but that could change as demand increases.

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