HIGHLY COMMENDED: Trendsetting Watches of the Year, Olivia Burton After Dark


Back in 2012, what odds would you have got on Donald Trump becoming American President, Leicester City winning the Premier League and a simple watch design by a couple of hard-working ladies in East London becoming the pre-eminent fashion watch brand out there?

Extremely high odds, to put it mildly.

It is incredible to think that Olivia Burton only came into existence in 2012, given its success and influence across the global watch industry today.

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The After Dark style combines an edgy matte black case with a delicate pastel leather strap and a choice of dials.

A directional new style for 2016, the After Dark collection was one of Olivia Burton’s best-selling new launches of the year and this timepiece demonstrates the brand’s ongoing credentials for being a label to set new trends.

The whole collection is wonderfully unfussy and pretty, but we especially like the models with the floral dials, as this gives the wearer the full Olivia Burton experience.

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