HIGHLY COMMENDED: Sports Watches of the Year, Timex IQ Yacht Racer

We’ve been bowled over by Timex’s Intelligent Quartz (IQ) movements and how they’ve been implemented this year.

We’re also not afraid to admit we don’t fully understand how they work; we suspected witchcraft until we discovered the video tutorial that Timex wisely hosts on its website.

Yes, the design maybe somewhat nuts, even for a regatta watch, and its tagline of ‘As functional as it is beautiful’ a little risky given how divisive the watch’s bright yellow exterior is sure to be, but there’s something strangely beguiling about the whole package.

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The watch’s IQ movement allows for ‘perfect’ date (perpetual calendar date indication accurate until 2060 without day, month or year information), regatta countdowns over five, three and one-minute durations and a chronograph. If all of that didn’t make the watch likeable enough for you, Timex is even giving away $11 (£7) for each watch sold to a cancer charity.



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