HIGHLY COMMENDED: Sports Watches of the Year, Aviator Professional

Aviator Professional

Aviator has matured faster than perhaps any other brand we’ve been following in recent years.

Not just in the years since the brand made the move to Switzerland from its native Russia, but in the 18 months since WatchPro first sat down with the company at Baselworld 2014.

The watch offer has been streamlined and modernised and has even reflected back on yesteryear with a few heritage-inspired pieces.

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The brand’s marketing material is also so much slicker and more easily digestible from a consumer point of view. But the brand has managed to hold onto enough of its personality to remain unique.

In short, some very canny decision-making has been going on at Aviator HQ. Mentioning Aviator’s personality was deliberate, it was a direct reference to the brand’s Professional model, a chronograph with front-facing pushers to be activated with more direct stabbing motion than the traditional squeeze used to kick-start a chronograph.

It’s a quirky design but put it into practice and you’ll find it difficult to argue against Aviator’s approach.

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  1. ‘Aviator has matured faster than perhaps any other brand we’ve been following in recent years.’

    This does not seem to be reflected in their UK stockist base …

    1. That, like anything, will no doubt come with time. The brand has streamlined its offer, developed a clear, understandable visual identity and has created some impressive POS material in less than two years.

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