HIGHLY COMMENDED: Luxury Watches of the Year, Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711/1R

Patek Philippe was the unlikely source of much commotion and dissension at Baselworld. The cause? Its Calatrava Pilots Travel Time.

This historic-looking piece didn’t seem to have any connection to the Calatrava family and it didn’t even look like the watches in the archive photographs that Patek had on hand to convince us that it was of the sort once produced in its hallowed halls.

Instead, the watch that we didn’t want to hand back on the Patek stand was this unashamedly precious Nautilus, hewn from solid rose gold with a chocolate dial that looked good enough to eat. Forget complicated watches for a moment, there is something about wearing a couple of hundred grams of carefully brushed and polished precious metal on your wrist that makes for instant, undeniable luxury.

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