HIGHLY COMMENDED: Fashion Watches of the Year, Junghans Max Bill Lady Quartz

Junghans max bill Damen

German minimalist watch brand Junghans is hardly the first brand you’re likely to think of when it comes to fashion watches, but this year a simple colourful adaption of one of the company’s most popular styles and the use of a quartz movement has created a range of watches that fits the (Max) bill perfectly.

Colour calfskin straps and matching hour markers subtly introduce reds and blues to the fold whilst preserving the admittedly narrow bracket of what makes a Max Bill watch.

Junghans painstakingly tested the designs of the watch to see how far any colour introduction could be taken before it went too far and pulled the collection completely out of shape.

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The extremely attractive prices are sure to help repeat sales as well. The Schramberg company has clearly realised that minimalist design doesn’t always have to be po-faced, something that has led to great success for another German watch brand in recent years.

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