HIGHLY COMMENDED: Fashion Watches of the Year, Calvin Klein Round

Calvin Klein’s joint venture watch brand with Swatch Group has ditched much of the colour and snakeskin that was on display at Baselworld 2014 in favour of clean, geometric lines where mirror-finish metals are the star of the show.

As the brand continues to push for new independent retailers in the UK these designs, which are easy to visually associate with the fashion label, will only help. The watch that best embodies that design philosophy is the hero piece from the brand’s extensive marketing campaigns, the Calvin Klein Round.

The watch’s flat metallic dial is almost completely featureless apart from a subtle logo and indication that it, and the whole collection, is now Swiss-made.

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It is left to the bracelet to inject some personality into proceedings with a series of circular, hinged links creating an intricate band around the wrist.



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