HIGHLY COMMENDED: Easy Wearing Watches of the Year, Salvatore Ferragamo Cuore Ferragamo


The first timepieces carrying the Salvatore Ferragamo name were launched in 2008, thanks to a licensing agreement with Timex Group Luxury Watches.

The plan was to create beautifully crafted watches that combine the value and image of the Italian fashion house with Swiss watch-making excellence.

Thankfully, Timex has avoided the temptation to pump out mass market fashion watches, and concentrated instead on high quality workmanship, materials and design.

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The Cuore Ferragamo is a good example and a perfect gift for that special lady in a romantic’s life.

The stand out feature of this timepiece is the dial decorated with a gold IP, steel or red enamel heart that “beats” once a second as its two halves separate and then reunite, driven by a patented device.

Search for the watch on Youtube to see a video of how this looks. It’s cuter than it sounds and works well on a glamorous timepiece retailing for around £1650-1800 depending on materials.

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