Hidden message in Apple code hints at third party watch face support


Apple could allow third parties to develop and release their own customised faces for its Apple watch, it was claimed this morning.

The tech giant has never permitted external developers to produce their own faces, preferring to control the process itself, but a report from tech publication 9to5Mac over the weekend suggests it could change its stance in future.

A log message uncovered within the latest operating system states, “this is where the 3rd party face configuration bundle generation would happen”, which suggests Apple may be prepared for developers to make their own watch faces in future.


Currently only Apple can provide watch faces although it does have agreements in place that use content from Pixar and Disney.Apple has not commented on the report and there is presently no indication when it would allow the change to happen.

Market commentators say the move would appease those that are not happy with the present options in its Watch.

Apple launched the current WatchOS during its Worldwide Developers’ Conference last year. A new version is expected to be rolled out in June.

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