Hermès Horloger highlights Canadian wildlife on limited edition Arceau watches


Hermès Horloger is paying tribute to the nature and wildlife of Canada with a series of limited edition Arceau watches.

There will be two styles – one featuring a polar bear and the other a snowy owl – of the Arceau Into the Canadian Wild watches in white gold and diamonds, both in production runs of 24 pieces.

The art on both comes from an Into the Canadian Wild silk scarf designed by British artist Alice Shirley in 2017, on the occasion of Canada’s 150th anniversary.


The original drawing depicts the abundance of flora and fauna, natural treasures of Canada’s vast territories bathed in oceans, lakes and rivers. From this hymn to nature, Hermès Horloger has drawn two interpretations: a snowy owl – emblematic of Quebec – flying amid the Northern Lights graces the first model; while the other features a polar bear with its cub, standing on top of waves populated by fascinating creatures.

Hermès says artists spend more than a week per dial to accomplishing each miniature work.

The 23.9mm watches use a manufacture Hermès H1912 automatic movement and are worn on a blue alligator leather strap.


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