HereO stresses its benefits to worried parents


Fledgling GPS smartwatch brand, hereO, has laid out more reasons why it believes it has found a gap in the watch market.

Aimed at children aged three and upwards, the brand claims to be the first to create a user experience that adapts to a child’s daily activities. For example, it provides different moders to choose from depending on where the child will be. So if he/she is at a known and specific place, like school for instance, the watch will know.

“The hereO watch is meant to blend seamlessly into parent’s lives,” the brand told WatchPro. “It is not meant to be intrusive. After the parents learn how to use the watch, many features become automatic.”


The watch is meant to be for the young children of the family. For older children and adults, the hereO family location app is available as a free download so that the entire family all know where each other is. This app is available on both Android and iOS operating systems.

With the style of the watches aimed specifically at the children’s market, and with the emphasis on the safety benefits for parents, hereO is hoping to catch the attention of watch retailers, as it believes that its product offering represents an easy and unique sell to the end consumer.


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