HEARST PICKS: Trendsetting Watches of the Year, Victorinox I.N.O.X Titanium

The flagship model from the Swiss army knife specialists has set a phenomenally high standard in the past couple of years and 2016’s I.N.O.X Titanium hasn’t bucked the trend.

Powerful, robust and sporty, the I.N.O.X caters for the outdoor, active types among us; a market that seems to be forever growing.

Victorinox boasts that the I.N.O.X is ‘made to withstand the elements,’ specifically surviving a fall of 10 metres, being run over by a 64 ton tank (you can never be too careful) or a dive down 200 metres.

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To achieve this robustness it has been developed to be shockproof and anti-magnetic, as well as resistant to water, high pressure, vibrations and extreme variations in temperature.

Perhaps the most enduring thing about the I.N.O.X is that it combines looking as hard as nails with being striking and, frankly, handsome as well, never more so than with this year’s orange strap model.

Vinnie Jones meets George Clooney. Sort of.



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