HEARST PICK: Quartz Watches of the Year, Shinola Runwell Chrono


The Donald Trump presidency promises to revive rust belt cities like Detroit, where the decimation of the car making industry has hollowed out the region.

Fighting the same battle one watch at a time is Shinola, which is bringing manufacturing back to motor city.

The design of watches like the 47mm Shinola Runwell Chrono is a reflection of this mission: it is tough, rugged, built to last and no-nonsense.

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It is the only chronograph watch that tracks the return of American industry with split second precision, the brand says.

Shinola takes the no frills choice of an Argonite 5021 high-accuracy quartz movement to drive the hours, minutes, date indicator, stopwatch function, and multiple subdials.

At £645, the watch is priced to last a lifetime.

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