Harry Winston chief Frédéric de Narp resigns

Harry Winston president and chief executive Frédéric de Narp has resigned.

According to a report in the New York Post, de Narp has stepped down after three years in the role just as the watch and jewellery brand has been bought out by Swatch Group.

It has been reported that de Narp, who previously worked for Cartier, could get a US$15 million (£9.9m) exit package and that Nayla Hayek, chair of the board of directors at Swatch Group, will assume his role.

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Swatch Group confirmed the departure of de Narp but said that it could not comment on his exit date and package and said it had no comment to make about who will succeed him in the role.

A spokesperson for Swatch Group said: "The Swatch Group Ltd. cannot comment on any agreements or arrangements that have been made between the former owner of Harry Winston, now Dominion Diamond Corporation, and Frédéric de Narp. This includes his departure date and exit package.

"As a matter of principle, The Swatch Group Ltd. does not agree to ‘golden parachutes’, i.e. entry and exit deals.
At this time, we have no further comment as to who will take over the position of president and CEO of Harry Winston."




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