Hamilton helps aerobatic daredevil set world record for road tunnel flight


Dario Costa, an Italian aerobatic and racing pilot, has set a new world record by flying for 43 seconds through two road tunnels in Çatalca, Turkey.

The video has to be seen to be believed as his Zivko Edge 540 race plane takes off in one tunnel, continues through an open-air gap and then into the second tunnel, a total distance of 1.4 miles, — all at 150 mph and flying less than three feet from the ground.

Limited overhead clearance required him to maintain a steady flight path between one and three feet from the tarmac, and 10 feet from each wingtip to the tunnel’s concrete sides.

Hamilton sponsored the record attempt, and created a limited Khaki Aviation Takeoff Automatic Chronograph to mark the feat.

“Dario’s spirit and determination make the impossible possible,” says Hamilton CEO Vivian Stauffer. “In the cockpit, timing is everything and we’re incredibly proud to support Dario as he continues to make his dreams a reality with skill and precision.”

The watch, a limited edition of 100, is designed to highlight zero to 40 seconds, the length of time the pilot would be in the tunnel, so there is extra Super-LumiNova on the central seconds hand and seconds indicators up to 40, and none past that point.

It uses Hamilton’s H-31 automatic chronograph in a 46mm case and is priced at £2,645 (around $3,300).



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