Hamilton aligns with Matrix Resurrections reboot for launch of back to the future digital watch


Regardless of whether the world needs a return to the Matrix film franchise, there will be no escaping the hype as we approach the premiere of The Matrix Resurrections reboot later this month.

Swatch Group watchmaker Hamilton is particularly excited, and is using an association with the Matrix Resurrections movie to remind us that it was ahead of the Japanese when, in 1970, it launched the world’s first digital wristwatch, and is bringing digital back to the wrist in the form of the PSR MTX.

“Over 50 years later, we’re celebrating belief in the unbelievable with the Hamilton PSR MTX. Inspired by a digital universe synonymous with challenging the status quo, the limited-edition watch is ready to lead us into tomorrow,” the company breathlessly reports.


PSR is a name given to watches inspired by models made by the Hamilton-owned Pulsar brand in the 1970s.

Pulsar was sold to in 1978, so the brand and intellectual property cannot be used by Hamilton, but you can’t trademark an idea or the memory of those early Pulsar pieces.

The Hamilton PSR MTX, limited to 1,999 pieces in honor of the original film’s premiere year, is an all-black timepiece with green LCD numerals and the movie’s immediately recognizable digital rain pattern inscribed on the case back and on the watch’s special packaging.

Its blackened steel case measures 40.8mm across and 34.7mm down and is worn on a steel bracelet with black PVD.

It is on sale now for $995.

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