Half of UK consumers will shop on Christmas Day


By Petah Marian

Almost half of UK consumers will spend Christmas Day shopping the sales online, according to research from luxury private sales etailer BrandAlley UK.

Of the 2,000 BrandAlley UK customers surveyed 47% said they planned to shop the sales online on 25 December. A quarter admitted to exchanging Christmas gifts in order to get better deals in the January sales.

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The research was commissioned to track the psychologicall shift in the nation’s shopping habits, suggests that consumers are going to more extreme lengths to get designer discount items. Some 80% of customers surveyed said they were most likely to spend their money on designer items discounted than any other type of product.

Some 10% of respondents admitted to pushing in front of someone in a queue, while other confessed to neglecting friends and family, calling sick at work and even being physically injured in their quest.

Consumer psychology professor Karen Pine from the University of Hertfordshire said that for some people, “hunting down a bargain is like a sport. It brings out their competitive side and they can’t bear to lose out to others. Being the first to bag a bargain – and beating others to it- gives them a buzz similar to their numbers coming up on the lottery or backing the winning horse."

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