H.Samuel takes on Avi-8 range of aviation-inspired watches for online store


Avi-8 timepieces are being sold online by H.Samuel for the first time.

The aviation influenced brand, owned and marketed by Dartmouth Brands, has developed a range of watches with pilot and plane inspired designs

Dartmouth Brands is building channels in the UK and around the world for Avi-8 watches.


“2017 is turning out to be a pivotal year for the brand. We launched several new collections which have all sold out very quickly. Our design team continues to sophisticate and mature creating ever more interesting timepieces that continue to reinvent the pilot watch genre” says Jim Clawley, sales director at Dartmouth Brands.

The release of Dunkirk in cinemas this summer coupled with next year’s centenary of the RAF, has increased interest in the history of British aviation from which Avi-8 draws inspiration.

“We’re excited to partner with Signet with Avi-8. We have tried to navigate retail distribution carefully in the UK to begin with and we’re delighted that our customer and fan base of consumers will be able to purchase Avi-8 via H.Samuel.

“Our focus on building brand awareness and product visibility online continues and the next few months are going to see some excellent new releases which we’re very excited about and for which we already seem to be gathering pent up demand from just the teaser shots which we’ve released,” Mr Clawley describes.

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