Gucci prepares for global launch of its Grip family of genderless watches


Gucci’s Grip watch will gets its official public unveiling tomorrow with a star-studded party in London and, ahead of the launch, the brand has revealed a campaign based on personal stories by skateboarders from around the world.

Grip was first unveiled to the trade at Baselworld in March this year.

Creative director Alessandro Michele has long been fascinated by the skateboarding community, and the genderless Grip watch design is inspired by the grip tape that skaters use on their decks.


Skateboarders and artists from different cities around the world are taking part in a project to promote the collection through sharing their personal stories.

Many of them will are wearing the Grip watch, with its unique design that blends timeless appeal with highly contemporary style, Gucci says.

Among the collaborators is a skateboarding project Unity, a Californian group founded by artist Jeffrey Cheung and Gabriel Ramirez in 2017.


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