Gucci inspired by Lady Chatterley’s Lover for its padlock-style timekeepers

Gucci Constance

Gucci Timepieces and Jewelry has turned timekeepers into fashionable accessories inspired by Constance Chatterley, the heroine from the novel Lady Chatterley’s Lover by D. H. Lawrence. 

The Constance watch is a collection of five timepieces in the form of padlocks that can be worn attached to leather straps, or to other jewellery pieces, bags, or belts.

“Their padlock design breaks free from the framework of traditional timekeeping, and lends the watches a distinctive and unexpected allure,” Gucci says.

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The Constance watch case is made from coloured Plexiglas housed in a padlock that comes in three different sizes and styles.

The large version (40 x 45mm) has a green-red-green case and white mother of pearl dial.

The medium-sized model (35 x 40mm) has an adjustable brown leather cuff strap with intricate beetle decorations.

A green-red-green patterned smaller version (30 x 34mm) has a rainbow Plexiglas case, offset by a black leather strap and white mother of pearl dial, and a grey-black- grey case with a black mother of pearl dial and black leather strap for a pared-back look with a dark shimmer.

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