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Grand Seiko celebrates 24 seasons of the year with latest Heritage Collection watches


Japanese culture dictates that there are more than the normal four season in one year. Spring, summer, fall and winter each have six “sekki” periods, which give a more continuous, soulful and artistic description to the changes in nature and the landscape through the year.

The 24 sekki are being adopted by Grand Seiko for a fresh family of styles using its 62GS design as the base architecture. The first four will join the brand’s Heritage Collection and go on sale this year.

“The sekki offer a poetic journey as nature awakens, blossoms, matures and settles into slumber from the beginning of spring, known as risshun, to the glistening cold of winter known as daikan,” Grand Seiko describes.


The four styles revealed at a launch event in New York last week were:

Taisetsu: The Deep Snow of Winter
Pine trees crusted with snow, silent under the sun of winter. It’s when the world has settled into a slumber only to awaken in the spring. This model’s dial celebrates the winter snow as it gathers and glitters against the sunlight.

Shunbun: The Vernal Equinox
When sakura blossoms fall into water, they swirl and float. The pink blossoms dance on the water, and the Japanese call them flower rafts, hanaikada. The pink dial of this model captures the spirit of the fleeting sakura season.

Rikka: Early Summer
As spring passes to summer, the land turns lush and green. A refreshing summer zephyr blows over waving fields and grass. This refreshing zephyr in Japanese is kunpu. This model’s rich, green dial seizes a summer moment to enjoy forever.

Shubun: The Autumnal Equinox
Under the moonlight, the night is quiet except for the last of the chirping crickets. The bright moon against the dark sky in Japanese is known as tsukiyo. The dial of this model is a dark blue to celebrate the autumnal equinox and represent the autumn clouds as they float through the sky.

All four watches, which are launching exclusively in America this quarter, come with 40mm stainless steel cases and bracelets and are priced at $6,300. Shunbun and Taisetsu watches house the Spring Drive 9R65 caliber that Grand Seiko assembles in its Shinshu Watch Studio, located in Nagano Prefecture while the Rikka and Shubun pieces use the Mechanical Hi-Beat 9S85 calibre from the Shizukuishi Watch Studio in Iwate Prefecture.

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