Grand Seiko celebrates 25th anniversary of pioneering quartz movement


Grand Seiko is celebrating the 25th anniversary of its 9F Quartz Caliber with the creation of two recreation timepieces.

In 1993, Seiko launched the first Grand Seiko timepiece fitted with the Caliber 9F, a quartz movement that focused on being incredibly accurate and long-lasting instead of bursting with additional functions.

Grand Seiko is marking the silver jubilee of the movement with two limited edition quartz watches that are modern recreations of the original collection. The two pieces will make their first public appearance at Baselworld of this year.


The company explains that the Caliber 9F incorporated key innovations such as a backlash auto-adjust mechanism to eliminate any shuddering of the second hand, a twin pulse control system to deliver increased torque and a unique protective shield to minimize the risk of dust coming into contact with the gear train or stepping motor.

The first of these two limited watches is the 1,500 piece all steel watch. The SBGT241 sports a 40mm dial, housing the Caliber 9F83 movement which allows for the hours and minutes, as well as day date and accuracy of +5 to – 5 seconds per year.

The case and bracelet retain the soft contours of the original but that are fashioned for contemporary tastes.

As with all Grand Seiko models since last year, the maker’s name is now at the 12 o’clock position and the dial carries a special pattern based on the traditional quartz symbol.

At the 6 o’clock is a gold star, recognising the accuracy of the piece.

On the reverse is the Grand Seiko lion emblem in 18ct yellow gold and an engraving of which numbered piece you bagged.

The watch will retail for $3,400 and will be available in April 2018.

The second limited piece is a recreation of the 1967 44GS timepiece. The watch sports an 18k yellow gold bezel, as well as all the celebratory changes found on the dial of the first limited piece.

This golden watch boasts a sapphire crystal back to expose the Caliber 9F82 quartz movement, showing the striped golden plates.

The 600-piece watch will be priced at $4,800 and only with select retailers.


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