GPHG invites watch submissions for this year’s Academy competition


Before participating in the votes to determine the preselection and then the 2021 prize list, members of the GPHG Academy are invited as of today to submit the eligible watches that they would like to see participate in the competition this year.

With the creation in 2020 of its Academy, the GPHG opened its selection and voting process to actors from the different sectors of the branch.

With 500 members for its second year of existence, the GPHG Academy represents a vast network of ambassadors of watchmaking passion around the world, which highlights the excellence of contemporary watchmaking creations.


The members of the Academy initiate and nourish the competition by offering watches to the competition.

Anonymous, their submissions are made on the Academy’s digital platform, a dedicated and secure digital instrument, produced by a Geneva company.

The brands then ultimately decide on the participation of the watches offered and may also enter other models in competition.

The members of the Academy proceed during the summer to a first vote, in order to elect the 84 preselected watches in 14 categories.

Then, in autumn, they take part in the vote determining the prize list; their vote then represents fifteen votes in addition to those of the thirty members of the Jury, from the Academy, who meet in Geneva, in order to physically assess each of the watches in competition.

The GPHG Foundation has also published the regulations for the 2021 edition on its website.

Designed in a unifying spirit, the GPHG allows an international audience to discover all the novelties of the branch, over the course of a competition which culminates with the awards ceremony, the 21st edition of which will take place on Thursday 4 November 2021.

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