GOOD CRISIS: Grand Seiko


2020 is the 60th anniversary of Grand Seiko emerging as the premium watchmaking arm of Seiko and it became an independent company in 2017.

To the Japanese, turning 60 is highly significant; something to do with completing a full life, and Grand Seiko had a huge event planned in Tokyo for its retail partners and press before the pandemic wiped it away.

If the world could not come to its birthday party, Grand Seiko decided it would take the party to the world and continued with its plan to unveil the most ambitious range of new watches in its history.


Grand Seiko was relatively unknown outside of Japan until a few years’ ago, but has been tirelessly marketing itself to potential retail partners and watch enthusiasts ever since.

Aficionados love Grand Seiko because it is a genuine vertically integrated manufacture that makes everything that goes into its movements and watches.

And the watches are gorgeous. Four anniversary specials demonstrate the breadth and depth of Grand Seiko’s art, design and engineering expertise.

There were also two new movements unveiled at launch events that had to be taken online, but were open, accessible and successful.

Grand Seiko’s growing network of committed retail partners in the United States and the UK will be licking their lips at the chance to start selling this year’s collections, and the brand is standing squarely behind them with substantial marketing support.

Grand Seiko opened its first specialist boutique in Paris this month.
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